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Villa Home Offerings


Focused on creating custom feeling homes for every Buyer, Opus Homes has developed the Concierge Builder™ approach.  This approach allows Opus Homes' Home Owners to craft their home with individuality, personality and character unique to each owner. With Our Concierge Builder™ approach, our relationship with our clients is more like a partnership.  We go into each home venture with our clients as a building partner.  After all, this will be their home.

The Concierge Builder™ approach, which is unique to Opus Homes, is born from the need to meet and exceed the desires of today's more educated, sophisticated and saavy Home Buyer.  It is the mission of Opus Homes' Concierge Builder™  approach to deliver homes as unique and special as each of our building partner clients.  Other builders have begun to try and emulate our approach, but none deliver a consistent, high level of Concierge service throughout the entire construction process as is found with Opus Homes.

Within the Concierge Builder™ approach, Opus Homes offers our building partners remarkable choices to express their personality through our HOMElife™ collections.  The focus is on creating a Live-able Luxury Home designed with a casual elegance.  The HOMElife™ collections by Opus Homes do exactly that.  These collections allow Opus Homes to deliver unique and personalized options to every one of our building partners.

With over 75 years of cumulative experience, Opus Homes brings the Best of Building Practices to the Home Building Industry at every level of construction; with acute attention to detail, every home goes through scrutiny of a well honed building process.  Whether on a strict budget or open to all options, Opus Homes provides the Concierge Builder™ Level of service to each building partner client. 

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